Utah’s claim as The Greatest Snow on Earth is well founded with its average of 551 inches of fluffy, 8.5% density snow, perfect powder for floating skis. From December to March, Park City, Utah offers the best winter vacation.

Snowboarding was cleverly conceptualized by an avid surfer who dreamt of riding the powdery winter landscape in the mid-60s. The sports steadily gained supporters and enthusiasts; but it was not until the 2002 Winter Olympics held here in Park City that this winter sport gained much recognition.

What better way to spend a romantic winter adventure for two or cap a fun family winter getaway that a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Park City? Gliding effortlessly across the powdery snow affords a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains.

Settled in the beautiful hillsides of Park City, the City Arena is a choice venue for a late afternoon or evening spin on the ice. Built in 2006, the Park City Arena is a hub for ice skating with friends and families.

Cross-country skiing delivers the benefits of hardcore aerobic workout and at the same time affords serenity brought by great views of the Rocky Mountains. Before the excitement of alpine skiing was the quietude of cross-country.

Snowmobiling is at its best at Park City! With its offering of excellent snowmobiling facilities in its partner resorts, snowmobiling lives true to the fact that it’s faster than gliding with two skis and affords more thrills than a half-pipe! With the undertaking of a guided ride through untouched and picturesque views of Rocky Mountains, snowmobiling is a greatly popular and fun activity in Park City.

Park City is known for the cold and snowy atmosphere. It is a great place to embrace the cold and get out and enjoy it! While skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter activities, Park City offers those plus much more.

Don’t let the mountains fool you. The area has more than just skiing and winter sports. Filled with six parks, it is great for hiking, mountain biking, fishing and golfing. The resorts also offer different tours that allow you to experience different terrains as well as water sports and plenty of other things to do in the summer in park city.

Fishing in Park City is a year-round affair. There are fish species, such as trout, that thrive even in the cold months. Winter fishing opportunities abound in Park City.

A bird’s eyeview of Park City from some thousand feet up is a sight to behold. It seems that one can easily touch the tip of the marvelous Wasatch Mountains as the hot air balloon floats gently above it. Is it safe to fly a hot air balloon during winter? Yes it is, unless there is increment weather. A hot air balloon over snow-laden Park City is simply breathtaking.

Take a break from the slopes and spend the day shopping in Park City. With every type of store you can think of, Park City is known for their shopping. Park City is a fashion capital of the United States.