Hot Air Ballooning

Park City Balloon Adventures

A bird’s eyeview of Park City from some thousand feet up is a sight to behold. It seems that one can easily touch the tip of the marvelous Wasatch Mountains as the hot air balloon floats gently above it. Is it safe to fly a hot air balloon during winter? Yes it is, unless there is increment weather. A hot air balloon over snow-laden Park City is simply breathtaking.

Skywalker Balloon Company

Our 1-hour hot air balloon adventure flight affords an exciting scenic flight over Wasatch mountain and surroundings. All flights are schedules in the morning and inclusive of flight certificate, breakfast and champagne. This activity is available year-round through.

Since 1996, Skywalker Balloon Company has been providing sunrise, European-style balloon rides all year through, considering good weather. We are FAA licensed and insured. All our flights are highly personalized, catering to all groups including family flights. This is definitely a great adventure of a lifetime.